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We Offer a range of Services to meet your needs

We are fully insured and owners are required to complete an emergency contact sheet and contract for each dog. All dogs wear our personalised ID tag.

Small Group Walks

Our aim is for our walks to be the highlight of your dog’s day. Your dog will be walked in a pack of no more than 4 dogs, allowing them to socialise in a safe and stimulating way.

We are happy to have dogs off lead with your permission and after an assessment during our initial meeting.

One Hour Group Walk - £12
Additional dog from same house - £6

Individual Walks

Sometimes your dog may prefer to be on their own. We can accommodate your dog for an individual walk if they need special attention or time.  These are especially popular for older dogs and puppies.

One Hour Individual Walk - £20

Training Walk

Adolescent dog causing concern or taking some of the enjoyment out of your walks?  We are currently working with several owners to iron out those little issues that can make walking a little less enjoyable. An accompanied walk to build your confidence or help understand your dog’s behaviour and body language.

One Hour Walk - £20
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Small Walks

Not all dogs appreciate an hour of exercise. Whether they are elderly, too young, or just recuperating, we offer shorter walk

30 - 40 min Walk - £10
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Puppy & Adolescent Socialisation & Training

Sessions are designed to give your young dog the best start in life.  Introducing them to a wide range of situations and ensuring that they have basic manners as an extension to basic puppy training.

One hour play & train session - £25

One to One Training

Sessions designed to address behavioural issues and specifically planned around each individual dog and situation. Please ask for more information.

Note: We will always suggest you seek the advice of a vet if we feel there may an underlying health problem or an Animal Behaviourist if there are more severe behavioural issues.

Please ask

Lockdown Puppy ?

Worried about returning to Work?

Lots of us chose to get a new puppy or dog during lockdown and now they’ve become adolescents!  Just like humans, they have boundless energy and manners can seem to go out of the window.

The majority of behavioural issues originate from a lack of good socialisation which was hard to achieve during lockdown for many new puppy owners. In addition, your dog has probably become used to you being at home and soon the house will be empty again. 

These sessions are designed to continue introducing them to a wide range of situations and ensuring that they have basic manners as an extension to basic puppy training.  If you are worried about a return to work, we can also provide guidance about how to best prepare your dog for being left alone for periods of time again.

Each session designed to meet specific needs - please ask