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About Us

Meet Our Team



Founder & Owner


After deciding it was time to do what I really love, being outside and working with animals, I set up doggedly Walking & Training Services. I was very lucky to grow up on a smallholding with horses, cows, goats, sheep, poultry and of course cats and dogs. My experiences have given me the skills and confidence to deal with almost anything that animals can do.

The term ‘doggedly’ means tenaciously and determinedly and that sums up our approach.

To complement my years of practical experience I have also studied Canine Body Language and have a Higher Diploma in Canine Psychology and Behaviour, allowing me to better understand the causes behind behavioural issues that I encounter. I am Canine First Aid and CPR trained.  However, I never forget the most important lesson in life, you never really know everything and that everyday is a learning opportunity. 

Our Resident Dogs

Nell and Floss were bred by us and are a delight to have around. They love to come out with me on walks or play in our fields.

The services we offer mean that sometimes they join me on my ‘doggedly’ walks acting as a calming influence to younger dogs but other times they stay at home.  

Pet Professionals

We take our responsibility seriously. Your pet is a vital member of your family so we care for it as if it was one of ours so that you can go about your day knowing they are in great hands.

Our Values

  • Care & Kindness
  • Integrity
  • A Positive Attitude
  • Helpfulness


We don't pretend to know everything but we can advise where to seek other expert advice when necessary.