How can we help?

Our range of services are designed to help you and your pet. We only use reward based, positive training to ensure your dog can be its best.

Repetition builds success and consistency speeds it up.

Dog Adventures

30 minutes or 1 hour

Our dog adventures provide the most fun, entertainment and stimulation any dog could need. 

Adventures are for up to 4 dogs, allowing them to socialise in a safe and stimulating way.

Your dog will return home tired, happy and settled.

From £11

Play & Training Bootcamp

1 to 1.5 hrs

Our popular Bootcamp allows dogs of all ages to visit our secure private paddock for some training and play. We focus on games and activities specially designed to improve focus and impulse control.

These structured sessions combine positive training activities and games. We pick up your dog and return them home happy.

From £25

Puppy Playtime

30 to 45 mins

The perfect opportunity to allow your puppy to explore and learn.

Sessions are held in our secure paddock allowing puppies and young dogs to safely explore, socialise and become comfortable with the wider world.

Sessions are strictly managed to ensure groups cater for specific needs.

From £10

Manners & Social Skills

Just like humans, adolescent dogs have boundless energy and manners can seem to go out of the window.

The majority of behavioural issues originate from a lack of good socialisation which was hard to achieve during lockdown.

These sessions are designed to continue introducing your dog to a wide range of situations and helping them to develop good manners as an extension to basic puppy training.